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As a snack with a chilled cold coffee or for dinner with soup, in a tiffin or for that road trip, Sandwiches are really versatile. Today Swati our food blogger shows us how to make it like a Sub.
“Sandwiches are an all time favourite for all ages. You have a lot of choices playing with the ingredients to suit your taste buds. Make it the subway style and it will be lot more fun. I’m using finger potato sticks in this but you can also use cottage cheese tossed with some sauces. Also, I’m making it with chipotle sauce and believe me, it tastes yum but you can use mayonnaise or any other sauce. Check out home made recipe by Swati here
# Fast FoodSub it Your WayIngredients
For the chipotle sauce
Mayonnaise       4tbsp
Red chillie pwd.      1tsp
Vinegar.      1 tbsp
Garlic paste.      1tsp
Sugar.       1tsp
Dominos oregano.     1tsp

For the potato sticks
Boiled potatoes.     3
Poha.     1/2 cup
Dry spices like red chillie pwd, amchur pwd, salt, coriander leaves.

Lettuce leaves
3 colour capsicum

Cheese slice
Whole wheat sesame hot dog

For potato sticks
1. Wash poha and strain out the water.
2. Mash the potatoes.
3. Now add all the ingredients and shape it in rectangular form like shown in picture.
4. You can now deep fry them or sauté it on non stick pan.

For the chipotle sauce
You can use the homemade mayonnaise sauce or store brought. If using store brought then mix all the ingredients. If using homemade you need to add red chilli powder, garlic paste and oregano.

Cut tomatoes and cucumber into roundels. Cut capsicum into thin slices.
Take a cheese slice and cut it in half diagonally.
Now for assembling
1. Cut the hot dog horizontally leaving one long side attached.
2. Place cheese slice on the upper side.
3. Put it on baking tray and toast it for a few mins. The cheese should not melt.
4. On the lower part, put lettuce leaves, potato sticks, toppings.
5. Put a tbsp of chipotle sauce.
6. Close the upper part n enjoy!!

Whenever making potato tikkis never use freshly boiled potato. They shud be boiled n kept in the fridge for atleast 3-4 hrs. Then after shaping the tikkis also keep it in fridge for atleast half an hour to get good results.









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