5 Winter Blooms you should bring Home!

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May a thousand flowers bloom and may some of them adorn your house and warm your hearts. To see a seed grow into a sapling and then bloom, is well like bringing up a child that you have nurtured. One of the reasons why we love Dilli ki sardi is its flowers this time of the year.

Our Whats App group has expert members who can give any terrace garden a run for its money.

Based on their inputs here is a list of some flowers that you could bring home. It is a little late for sowing the seeds but one can pick up saplings from the nursery and if you are too lazy like me just bring in some plants that have their buds ready and watch them open up with joy and hope. Every time I step out in my verandah I love being greeted by my pansies, dog flowers and lilies. So without much ado here goes the list:

  1. Sweet Alyssum











2. Gerberas









3. Pansies











4. Ice Flower









5. Geraniums










Most of the winter plants thrive with a good amount of sun, but don’t fret if like me you don’t get any in winters. Plants like Cineraria and Salvia do well in the shade. We can’t resist dahlias, lilies and marigolds this time of the year, so we end up picking up these too at the nursery.

This winters don’t just admire them from far, bring them in your home and enjoy their beauty. If you can get your kids to adopt a plant and call it their own and let them tend on their own, you would have instilled a love of nature in them for life, and who knows they too may become expert growers.

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connectgk25 Winter Blooms you should bring Home!

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