Easy & Quick 3 Ingredient Ice-cream Recipe (Thank you Swati!)

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It’s got to be the World’s easiest Ice-cream recipe! And who do we have to thank for that? Swati, our super-duper food blogger of course! All you need is 3 ingredients (which you probably already have), 10 minutes and you are on your way to securing the title of “Domestic Goddess”. So go ahead, treat your loved ones (and yourself!) to some of this delightfully creamy dessert today. Here’s how to go about it in Swati’s own words…

The exams are finally over and it’s time for a treat!! But is it possible for mothers not to have to slog it out in the kitchen  for hours and still make something delicious? Why not? Presenting the 3 ingredient ice cream, so easy to make yet so delicious. The preparation time is hardly 10 mins plus the time it takes for setting. It is the simplest and creamiest ice-cream I’ve ever made.”

Oreo Ice-Cream

Whipped cream 400 gms
Milkmaid 260 gms
Oreo biscuits 6-8

1. Crush the biscuits.  You can do it in mixer or put it in ziplock bag and roll it with a rolling pin.
2. Whip the cream.
3. Add milkmaid and biscuits.
4. Fold them properly in the cream.
5. Take out in an air tight container and keep it in the freezer for 6-8 hrs or overnight.
Your creamiest most delicious ice-cream is ready. Dig in!!

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connectgk2Easy & Quick 3 Ingredient Ice-cream Recipe (Thank you Swati!)

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