Gymboree – Global Leaders in classes for tots- now in GK2!

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When our team walked in to Gymboree, we were greeted by happy shiny faces on a very dull and dreary day! Bright and airy, the very environment of Gymboree is immediately inviting, warm and accommodating. The walls are colourful, the rooms are not too small and the entire feel of the place makes one feel comfortable and at ease. The outdoor premises of the building are calm and away from the din of the main road – a huge plus point for us!

3     We could hear singing and clapping coming from the play room. A group of tiny little tots were happily playing, rolling around and dancing there. The play area is dotted with play equipment that encourages a child to touch, explore, run riot and basically have the time of their lives. From what we observe, it is a clean and safe environment. The equipment, in particular, is maintained keeping hygiene and safety paramount.


15We wanted to know more, so we spoke with the teachers and the management of Gymboree and found out that they offer fun parent-child classes that strengthen family bonds and encourage development of children. If you have a child between the ages of 0 to 5 years, Gymboree has the perfect classes for you. There are 3 types of classes: Play, Music and Art – that are scheduled between 9am and 6pm at the centre during the week and weekends. Most of the classes are of 45 mins duration which are held once a week and attended jointly by parent and child.

9We went to the art room where we saw an art class in progress. The children were busily scribbling and painting a huge ball made of newspaper. It must have been as big as them! They were having so much fun while messily splatting colours across the ball. We then went to the music room where we saw a huge range of small-scale music instruments and props. Here, children are nurtured through music and encouraged to explore global music styles and musical building blocks like rhythm, beat, pitch and tempo. They listen, sing and play with instruments and movement activities.

We also saw ‘Gymbo’ the clown! Gymbo is a hand puppet clown and kids absolutely adore him. He is a friend and a learning aid who makes the children feel comfortable and at ease with the activity they are doing.

As we finish our tour of Gymboree, we are told how the Gymboree Program has been created by child development experts with the aim of supporting the ‘whole’ growth and development of the child. A child’s brain is most active in the first three years life during which it grows to 80% of its adult size and that is when it really needs maximum nurturing, so why not let the trained professionals at Gymboree guide you through it? Did you also know? They may have tiny hands and feet, but a toddler has twice as many neurons in his/her brain than you! Amazing, isn’t it??

We left Gymboree a little sad that nothing like this existed for our children when they were toddlers. Gymboree came to GK2 a year and a half ago and children from all over Delhi come here now. For more information about their classes and how Gymboree can help your child’s development, call them on 9818691042 or visit them at S-Block (opp. M-41), Gurudwara Road, GK2.


connectgk2Gymboree – Global Leaders in classes for tots- now in GK2!

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