Healthy Evening Snacks and Tips to Curb Midnight Snacking – by Nutritionist, Harshita

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Binging on Netflix and a Pizza this Saturday night?
While it may be a comforting thing to do, GK2’s popular Nutritionist, Harshita, thinks otherwise. She believes that we are doing our bodies irreversible harm and this detrimental lifestyle is something we’re passing on to our children too. Read Harshita’s article below and get some tips on what you can snack on instead.
It’s 12 midnight… and are you craving for food?? Do you want to eat a Pizza?
In today’s busy world everyone is chasing their dreams and busy struggling for the survival of the fittest, working through day and night to get successful. But, have you ever wondered in the process of getting successful what we are doing to ourselves? Are we stressing ourselves which is indirectly hampering our lifestyle?
This is not a phenomenon only with the adults, Urban kids and teenagers are also falling prey to this unhealthy lifestyle. Today, they are more familiar with gadgets than playing in the outdoors. They are becoming such gadget freaks that during night hours they spend hours watching movies or playing games on their I-Pads or other tablet devices with a big bowl of chips or some rolls or chocolates and so on for company.
Adults are staying awake watching their favourite flick or they are all red cheering for the red devils of Manchester United or you are just about to finish watching the’ Game of Throne’ or it could just be office work which is making you a nocturnal creature.
Mid-Night is one time when most people feel a craving for good and healthy snacks. Even if you’ve had dinner at 8, you’ll again start feeling hungry if you are awake late. And when this happens, most end up eating junk. Especially for all the weight watchers this is one thing which is very unhealthy. Unhealthy, because this does not necessarily mean that one is hungry, it could be just boredom due to being awake or a habit that’s one has developed over the years.
Health hazards of such a behaviour are many – from weight gain to bloating to acid reflux to triggering stress hormones and much more. Taking each into account let’s see what people usually crave and what could be the alternative if one can’t control that ‘’hunger pang’’ at midnight.
Ice Creams: When you open your fridge and find that a tub full of ice- cream, you would obviously eat it … so instead of the outside Ice Cream….how about making your own? take some ricotta cheese and blend some berries and nuts- your ice- cream is ready!
Craving salt: It could be chips, nachos, fries anything – but do you know it is full of saturated fats with oodles of salt which can really increase the unwanted BP and metabolism resulting in strokes and weight gain respectively. So how about having some roasted makhanas or puffed rice or wheat with rock salt and black pepper. Having avocados with some yoghurt is something which is not only healthy but yummy too.
Cookies or Brownies: Are one of the many which people/children adore having. These can hamper your sugar levels, spiking it high with running the controlled metabolism. Instead,have some fruits / homemade brownies/ sponged squeezed Rasgulla (a Bengali Sweet) or simply 2-3 pieces of dark chocolate to control that temptation.
Nuts: Rich in trans fats, nuts can easily hamper our blood pressure levels, trigger that heart stroke and make anyone fatigued. Instead, have something sweet with a crunch, mix 1/2 cup of Crunch cereal with a small container of fat-free Greek yoghurt good to go with both fibre and protein. Even some fruits like dates, pomegranates can be had with some coating of nuts and dark chocolate emptying the temptations for both sweet and nuts.
Pizza: Everyone’s delight, having pizza with loads of cheese and bread can spike up that sugar level. Hence, one can always have their own multigrain toasted pizza at home with a good choice of veggies and some healthy cheese.
A list of healthy snack which you could binge on:
These are snacks especially for teenagers or youngsters who seldom like eating fruits.
1/2 cup Roasted Peanuts
1/2 cup Roasted While gram (Channa)1/2 cup protein mix (a mixture that is easily available with nuts and seeds)
1/2 cup roasted wheat (it’s a snack that is available just like puffed rice.)
1/2 cup roasted Mung bean ( Moong) 1 medium bowl popcorn (no butter)
1 glass milk (saffron, cardamom can be added. coffee too can be added once in a while but in moderation so as to prevent functional disturbances like sleep issues, being irritable and nervousness)
1 bowl papaya, cucumber, pomegranate
2 boiled egg whites (sprinkle black pepper over it )
Boiled Cauliflower with Olive Oil and Sea Salt
Crunchy Muesli + milk
Wheat Rusk ( 2 )
Green Tea / Black Coffee / Black Tea with roasted 5-7 almonds
Sprouts salad ( with olive oil dressing )
Boiled Kala Chana salad (with olive oil dressing)
Homemade Snack Mix
1 veg multigrain bread sandwich (2 multigrain bread slices, coleslaw)
Bottom Line: Take that last bite before 9 pm to be fitter and healthier!
Harshita is a power-house of great advice on nutrition for all ages and for all members of the family. Visit Harshita’s page Know Your Nutrients. You can also call Harshita on 98714 81041.
connectgk2Healthy Evening Snacks and Tips to Curb Midnight Snacking – by Nutritionist, Harshita

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