Inspiring Weight Loss Journey by Ankit Singhal (Thanks to Harshita!)

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We received this email from a Resident of GK2, Ankit Singhal, who has lost a lot of weight thanks to the invaluable support he received from Nutritionist, Harshita Dilawri Sachdeva. Congratulations Ankit and Kudos to Harshita! Read about Ankit’s weight loss jour ney below:
Dear ConnectGK,
I wish to let you know that thanks to healthy Nutritional advice from Harshita Dilawri Sachdeva, I chartered my way from being borderline obese at 100 kgs to now entering my ideal weight category. I have finally reached the weight of 82.6 kgs today.
I understand there may be some people who are struggling with healthy weight loss. I struggled myself for several years even though I’m very active in sports but I realise it now that Weight loss also follows an 80-20 rule, 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
I lost 1 kgs a week starting 1st May till mid July, after which I maintained my weight and then again lost a few more kgs.
If anyone wants to know how and why it worked, I’d be happy to answer.
I again want to thank Harshita who knows how to manage calories and customises the plans for each individual based on his/her food likings. Following me, several of my family members also started taking her advice and they all have seen visible results.
With complex food systems now, having someone to plan your meals even on a daily basis is going to be the necessity in very near future and so we as a family have decided to follow her advice as part of our lifestyle.
Lastly, I specially also want to mention my wife, Pooja, as without family support this journey is not possible.
Ankit Singhal
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connectgk2Inspiring Weight Loss Journey by Ankit Singhal (Thanks to Harshita!)

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