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Once in a while, one gets to meet people who leave an indelible mark on you and inspire you, not just because they have achieved so much in life but because they also spread the goodness all around them. Like they say, “the tree with the heaviest fruit hangs the lowest”; Humility and humanity are sure a rare combination. Rani Devasar a resident of Alakananda hasn’t had it easy, but has managed to rise again and again transmuting all her tough experiences into something positive, healing herself and in turn other kindred spirits around her.

A compulsively creative person, Rani wears many hats and juggles all of them beautifully. She is a widely published writer and has written for almost all English and Hindi magazines, paints really well, has a green thumb and a big terrace garden to show for it, is into creative gardening and has showcased her works many times in Dilli Haat, runs a nature club in Tara Apartments inspiring young children to fall in love with the plants and cooks finger licking food. Above all she is someone who believes in living life to the fullest, in the moment, fearlessly and lovingly savouring each bit of what has been handed down to her. We caught up with her, and this is what she has got to share.


Connectgk2: How did your journey as a writer begin?

Rani Devasar: Well, one day when I felt I had hit rock bottom in a contemplative mood I sat out in the balcony and started writing, went on writing for an hour non stop, trust me it was a cathartic experience since I was pouring out my emotions of loss and grief at that time. My piece was called ‘Beyond Tears’, I decided to send it to Femina, they loved the piece and wanted me to share more personal details, I was hesitant but they convinced me saying it might “heal” other people going through similar experiences. I agreed. That writing became the start of spiritual healing for me too. And I have not stopped ever since. I have written and got published in most of the periodicals and newspapers both in Hindi and English. I also write a blog for The Speaking tree.Four blogs have already been published.


connectgk2: What is the nature club you initiated in Tara Apartments? 684268_IMG-20150923-WA0015

RD: I love children and being around them is an uplifting experience. I started this club to sow the seeds of love for nature in the next generation. I want them to realize the importance of a lovely green space and inculcate a habit of kindness towards plants. I tell them if we love plants and talk to them they will share their bounty with us. They love it when I give them plants for their birthdays. We sit in the park, we paint, we sing and also make interesting poems.


Connectgk2: What do you enjoy doing most?

RD: I love to live a full life, I make friends very easily, love to help people, enjoy travelling.Have visited Egypt, many countries in Europe, Canada, U.S, U.K, to name a few. My most recent visit was to Prague,an indescribably beautiful city. you can also call me a bit of an activist. I love challenges, so on a trip to Geneva a lady casually remarked that Indian cuisine is full of chillies and I did not like hearing that preconceived biased notion. I told her our cuisine is about “spices” and balance, we know how to bring out the best flavor in our dishes by using the appropriate spice.

She asked if I could introduce them to Indian Cuisine, so I took up the challenge and soon a group of international ladies were collecting every morning to learn Indian cooking and check it for themselves. It was a delight teaching them and watching them enthusiastically learn. The pleasant surprise came when they hosted a farewell dinner for me with all Indian dishes.

Now I have a lovely group of international friends.

connectgk2Know Your Neighbour- Rani Devasar

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  1. Anil Chowdhry

    Beautiful piece.Nice to know that such a gifted person lives in our neighbourhood.
    I wish Moms living in GK2 take their young ones to Rani Devsara to imbibe them with her love for nature and plants, It would be a much more rewarding experience for the kids than visits to Malls and Fun Cities.
    Wishing Ms Devsara lots of peace Heath and happiness.
    Anil Chowdhry

    1. Post

      Thank you for your comments. Kindly send us details if you have any resident who should be featured on your page. Connectgk2 is by residents and of residents.

  2. kajal

    It’s a lovely and inspiring true life story….such a strong lady truly sets an example for all of us to follow..may God always bless her..all of us should learn from her…she also is Sharing her gift of the green fingers..we should take our kids and help them learn to respect the nature and treat it kindly so in turn the future generations are treated kindly by mother nature too…lovely article..thanks connect colony!!

    1. Post

      Thank you for your comments. Kindly send us details if you have any resident who should be featured on your page. Connectgk2 is by residents and of residents.

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