Live CCTV Feed, instant Mobile Updates, 100% nutritious home cooked fresh food and an International curriculum keeping the child at Center…Footprints Preschool has it all!

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We are delighted to announce the opening of Footprints Preschool in GK2. We recently paid them a visit and were warmly greeted by their friendly team passionate about learning and care of children. They very nicely gave us a guided tour of the school and spaces that have been created keeping the safety, wellbeing, learning and not to miss for fun of children as well.

Footprints Mobile App

Footprints Preschool now has over 65 branches across India. This is a preschool that has taken child care to a whole new different level. They have successfully combined technology and child care to provide a world class, holistic care experience. Imagine sitting in your office or anywhere in the World and being able to observe your child via live streaming on a mobile app. This mobile app gives parents constant updates about the activities their child is involved in, what they have eaten, how much they have eaten, diaper change time, sleep time and even when they enter and leave the school premises. We don’t know about you, but we haven’t come across this anywhere else in India.

The Curriculum

Footprints GK2 is the first Preschool in India to be offering the International High Scope Curriculum, based on 50 years of research by US based High Scope Foundation engaged in curriculum development since 1962. The HighScope Curriculum uses child centric, active participatory learning and the plan-do-review process for the teachers to achieve powerful, positive outcomes. As explained to us, this not only helps young children excel in literacy and cognitive learning, but also develops the fundamental skills that help determine success in adult life.

Footprints provides parents a child observation report every month so that parents are completely clued on to their child’s progress every step of the way. We were happy to hear that they make parents completely integrated in what do at school to provide the child with a continuous environment.

Nutritious Food Provided

Footprints provides 100 % nutritious, wholesome, balanced diet while they are at school. Children are introduced to a variety of fruits, vegetables and pulses keeping their own liking which are prepared in-house and fresh food. Expert Nutritionists plan a specialised menu to ensure a nutritious and balanced diet.

Activities and More

Apart from Preschool and Day care facilities, Footprints Preschool also has After School activities like Storytelling sessions, Art & Craft Classes, Taekwondo, Music & Dance Classes ,Homework Support  for children. The GK2 centre is conveniently located on the main road leading to M-Block Market GK2, making it easily accessible to all residents of GK2.

Welcome to GK2 Footprints! We wish you and your children a very bright future.

For more information on Footprints, call them on +91 8010 055 055 or take a tour of the school like we did by visiting them at E-289 and E-291, GK2.

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connectgk2Live CCTV Feed, instant Mobile Updates, 100% nutritious home cooked fresh food and an International curriculum keeping the child at Center…Footprints Preschool has it all!

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