MMI Children go on a Journey Around the World on Sports Day.

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MMI Preschool celebrated its Sports Day on Saturday, 18th February 2017. Once again, we were delighted and honored to have been present. Every year, MMI raises the benchmark of excellence higher and this is evident from their Sports Day and other  such events organised by them. The Staff, the Principal – Sujata Maam, the children and the parents all make MMI one big happy family. It is indeed heartening to see that children are exposed, very early on, to such high standards of education, thereby providing the perfect stepping stones towards higher education.


The Sports Day this year took the children on a magical journey around the World. There were fun races, activities and games that were centered around the theme – Passport to the World. We watched as children cleverly tackled theme related puzzles and games. Whether it was a puzzle about Indian monuments or those in other countries, MMI’s little tots knew exactly how to confidently answer and finish the race. They built pyramids, answered queries about the eiffel tower, took us on a fishing trip to Goa, explored the Stonehenge in England and pinpointed their City on the map of India. We thoroughly enjoyed the yoga and the Taekwondo sessions thoroughly.


Congratulations to the MMI family for making another Sports Day such a memorable event. Our heartfelt gratitude for allowing the Connectgk2 team to be a part of such a marvelous event. Get a glimpse of this Super Sports Saturday at MMI below:


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connectgk2MMI Children go on a Journey Around the World on Sports Day.

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