MMI’s Parents Speak – what REALLY makes a GREAT School!

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Fifteen years ago, a landmark school was incorporated in GK2. The foundations were laid for world-class education at the pre-school level with the start of MMI Pre-school. Many children have passed through its doors and today, MMI has a proud alumnus that is over a decade old. We, at ConnectGK2, have been fortunate to have known members of MMI’s parent community, its staff and students. We have watched this school grow from strength to strength and with each passing year, parents have had only great things to say about the school. As we enter the New Year, and MMI looks forward to a fresh batch of students, some parents of graduating children have kindly sent us their stories of life at MMI. Read on and see for yourselves as to what makes a GREAT school!


From a shy, introvert child to one who is enthusiastic and energetic – Read about Anaaya’s Transformational Journey at MMI

 “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” – Aristotle.

When my spouse and I went for the first time to the Modern Montessori International, the warm welcome we got, the cozy classroom that we saw, it’s attractive library, the play area and most importantly the fact that my child couldn’t get a more homely atmosphere than this school, made us decide our first school for our first child would be only MMI.

As an anxious parent, I took Anaaya to her classroom on her first day. A shy, introvert, less confident Anaaya entered the classroom clinging to me. The Montessori time, storytelling through puppets, yoga, art and craft fascinated my daughter so much that in no time she adjusted to her new surroundings. With the constant efforts made by her class teacher Sarbajeet ma’am and Pallavi ma’am Anaaya blossomed in to an enthusiastic, energetic and extrovert child for which I will be ever so grateful.

MMI not only provides education but also inculcates human values in to children. It aims in bringing them up as better humans. My child has not only received education but has also become emotionally , physically and artistically nurtured. She has become more sensitive towards animals, she knows the importance of all the festivals as MMI celebrates each festival with fun and zeal. And As it is rightly said that “children must be taught how to think , not what to think”. Anaaya is able to, in this early age, think what’s right and wrong for her, thanks to her school.

Last but not the least, I am thankful to Sujata ma’am for loving each child unconditionally in her school; Radhika ma’am for her ever smiling face to our numerous queries; and to the whole staff for living the spirit of the school. MMI, thank you for the wonderful time we have spent and for creating the fondest of memories for us.It will be with us for a life time.

Ambika Sharma – Mother of Anaya Sharma


Parnika’s settling in story – as told to us by Parnika’s Mother

“Let me begin by saying that I don’t know where you find the patience, strength and energy to deal with all of kids every day. All the teachers of MMI are so warm, always smiling and so composed.

During initial two weeks of the session my daughter, Parnika was just not willing to settle in school. I was so worried all the time, if i have sent her school early, but Saraswati and Radhika Ma’am always assured me i took the right decision. Today i would like to thank them and each staff of MMI for the love, support and cooperation they are extending towards my daughter Parnika Mangalick, which has helped her to settle down so well.

I was delighted to see how nicely my daughter is taking in all the values her teachers are inculcating in her. The most important aspect that I’d like to mention is the independence of thoughts that kids are given here. They are not only made to learn, but are made to think and act.

It feels great to see our kids turning into better beings who are responsible thinkers , innovators ,empathetic and caring. My sincere thanks to Principal Ma’am, for beautifully getting our kids into this system of learning and evolving. Much appreciate the hard work and dedication of Parnika’s class teachers. Thanks to your wonderful team of angels, who are making great citizens of tomorrow.”
Neha & Abhishek Mangalick – Parents of Parnika Mangalick


A five-year association that became an everlasting relationship with MMI – Read Parul’s testimony

“I have a five year old association with MMI. I still remember the day when I visited the school with my husband and was attended by the Prinicipal/ staff to explain the concept of Montessari education. When we walked thru the school and finally ended our day, we were sure in our minds that this is the kind of environment and care that we want for our child. My son blossomed a confident toddler and joined school and 3 years later my daughter followed suit.

Her first day at school was the testimony that none of the school’s qualities had changed in the interim 3 yrs period. My daughter was welcomed like family and she was repeatedly reassured by the motherly teachers. While I peeped from corners of the school to check if she is settled, I was much comforted to know that she is in safe and strong hands.

Being a single mother- MMI is like a second parent to my kids. They have helped lay the foundation to their values, confidence and self esteem. Teachers are like family, who can be reached at any time of the day and spoken to. Slightest of the emotional or behavioral patterns of the child are observed and shared.

What more can speak of the school- than the fact- that till today my 7 year old son- loves to visit the school and meet the teachers/ didi’s. I guess he is in love with his alumni and proud to be a MMI student!!

Parul Chotrani – Mother of Medhansh & Paavni Chotrani


Simple teaching methodology, extreme personal attention, healthy food, sunlit classrooms and a whole lot of love – These are a few of Alvina’s favourite things at MMI.

“Alvina joined MMI at age of 18 months. To choose the school was not a tough decision at all, as soon as you enter the premises the ambient sunlight, beautiful lawn with nature trail, and the huge open play area at back, neat and clean kitchen leaves you with no choice. Meeting with Principal Madam was very reassuring and I knew that I don’t have to look any further.

From that day when it was so difficult to leave her for school as she would cry, to this day when she is three and half and it’s difficult to convince her on Saturday, Sundays that school is off, the journey has been beautiful.

Alvina has grown into a confident child. She truly loves all her teachers and they equally love her back. The school provides very healthy food and we have never faced any problem with it, in fact she has learnt how to eat by herself from school. The school teachers have been very nice and communicative, small injuries/mosquito bites which I might miss was always reported to me from school. The teaching methodology is very interesting and doesn’t leave any burden at child. Being a working mom with a very busy life I often miss some roasters and notices but her teachers knowing me always informed all updates to me personally. Alvina’s favourite were Shweta aunty and Govarthini aunty.

She would soon graduate out of pre nursery to formal school and I am so thankful that her formative years were at MMI. Three cheers for team MMI.”

Dr. Anchal Gupta – Parents of Alvina Garg


Funtastic Fridays and other such activities make MMI fun forever – Read this mother’s happy testimonial.

“MMI is a wonderful play school with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. We are incredibly blessed to have our son “Reyansh Kapoor” attending MMI Pre-school. As we reach school each day we are greeted by such a friendly administrator Ms. Radhika along with other teachers and didi’s. Every associated teacher at school recognises the kids with their name. Kudos to the Principal “Sujata Aunty” she herself recognises each and every kid and gives a personal touch in everything. It’s the extra quality care that makes MMI a special place.

Each day is a special day at school, but Fridays are FUNTASTIC FRIDAYS where kids learn many new things in a very playful method. They revise each and every concept learned throughout the week through personal experience; reinforced by photos and stories that the teachers share with them. I am blessed to have Ms. Bhawna Vohra and Ms. Vibha Kapoor as my child’s mentor. They ensure that the kids of Pre Nursery INDIGO participate in programmes and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them enriching their lives.

We cannot thank the staff and teachers enough for the wonderful experience they have provided our child.”

Shruti & Rahul Kapoor – Parents of Reyansh Kapoor


Registrations for admissions to new batches for 2018 are now currently open at MMI. Visit MMI at s-535, GK2 or call 011-29215241 41436238, 9718085558 to know more.








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