MMI’s Teacher Training Program

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Every parent should give the child the best opportunity for development, the Montessori principles and philosophy should be implemented at home from birth. Adults benefit greatly when they attend workshops, lectures and courses, if possible, on implementing the Montessori philosophy at home. If the home and school environments complement each other, the child will receive the maximum benefit. It will make a great difference to a child’s life, happiness and learning.
At MMI GK2 Teacher Training Centre, we guarantee deep understanding of the Montessori philosophy and principles of child development; as well as thorough grasp of lesson delivery both theory and in applied practice.
More adults today, than ever before, understand the benefits of the Montessori Method, and find the security they seek in entrusting their child’s care to the Montessori teacher in a caring, safe, and enriched environment.
To find a new role in one’s life that is challenging and a completely different area from ones previous work. A career that would fit in with the family and is very fulfilling and rewarding. It gives ample opportunity for career advancement which includes; Educational Consultant, Curriculum Planner, Montessori administrator, Publisher, Head Trainer.
Hear what some Teachers have to say about MMI’s enriching Teachers Training Program:
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