Navratra Special Recipe – Paneer & Makhana Kheer by Swati

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Here’s a delicious Navratri Special Dessert that is quick, easy and will be loved by everyone. Thank you to GK2 Resident, Friend and Super Home Chef, Swati for sharing it with us. Enjoy Feasting while you are Fasting!


Makhana and Paneer Kheer

Milk.    1lt
Fox nut/ Makhanas.    20-25
Paneer.  150gms
Sugar.    4tbsp or acc to taste
Ghee.  1tsp
Chopped almond flakes
1. Roast makhan in 1 tsp ghee.
2. Take it out n roughly break them into 2-3 pieces.
3. In another pan, put milk to boil.
4. Add Makhanas.
5. Let the milk cook on slow fire for about 20 mins.
6. Add paneer (cut in cubes).
7. Cook for another 10 mins.
8. Add sugar n saffron.
9. Mix well, let the sugar dissolve n switch off the gas.
10. Add cardamom.
11. Let it cool down completely. Put in fridge for 3-4 hrs.
12. Take out garnish with nuts n cardamom.
Before serving, offer it to Maa Durga n have give this prasad to everyone.

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connectgk2Navratra Special Recipe – Paneer & Makhana Kheer by Swati

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