Star Vendors in GK2 & Alaknanda – Meet the Famous Ram Ladoo Guys!

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ram ladoosWe are serious gluttons for these Ram Ladoos available at Alaknanda Market. A trip to Alaknanda is never complete without a plateful of these tangy, spicy, fluffy deep fried pakodas made to perfection by Viresh, the owner of this little kiosk that is abuzz with activity most evenings.
Viresh’s stall starts getting busy as the monsoon sets in. There’s something about the rains that makes us crave for fried food. And the cravings for piping hot ram ladoos carry on through the cold winter months as well. unnamed (3)Viresh of course isn’t complaining. Viresh and his Brother Bhurey, together run this family business that was started by their father some 18 years ago. Viresh does the morning shift, while his brother, Bhurey, takes over in the evening. The family originally hails from Badaun in U.P. and moved to Dehi, in search of “greener pastures”.

The stove at the Ram Ladoo stall is lit all day and barrels of oil consistently churn out golden little wonders. Never do we see one that is burnt or even a unnamed (1)shade darker than the others. Every pakoda is perfectly and evenly fried, batch after batch, every time. There’s no science to this and nor is there any formal culinary training backing it. It’s simply experience, hard work and the toils of individuals who over the years have learnt to create food magic, unnamedone that you will never find even at a Michelin star restaurant.
Can we imagine Alaknanda Market without Viresh and Bhurey’s Ram Ladoo Stall? Definitely not! Our only hope is that their’s is a business that will prosper with the support of local residents. Do visit their stall today and try a plateful (or two!) of their delicious Ram ladoos. You’ll soon be back for more, guaranteed!

connectgk2Star Vendors in GK2 & Alaknanda – Meet the Famous Ram Ladoo Guys!

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