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“All labour is dignity”

Many in and around GK2 would have seen Ravi outside homes sitting with his paraphernalia diligently polishing and repairing shoes. Ravi Rathore, a cobbler by profession has been working in and around GK2 for over 20 years. Born and brought up in Dakshinpuri, Rathore learnt the art early. Orphaned at an early age, he grew up at an uncles home where he would observe the cobblers stiching and shining leather and that’s what inspired him.

Personally we have been using his services for over a decade now. Every Sunday he comes home and shines our shoes and sometimes even our bean bags and laptop cases with such dedication, it is a delight to watch him. Always a big smile he is willing to help and do any extra bit that you tell him. When he is not polishing, he has tie ups with masons and goes to work for them too. Anything to live a life of dignity through labour.

Connectgk2: How come you do so many jobs, don’t you feel this is not for me to do?

RR: No job is small or big, it is the thinking that makes it so. I have always worked hard and that is why I am happy and sleep peacefully.


Connectgk2: There are so many cobblers in and around GK2, how come so many people favour you?

RR: It is my good luck. I am grateful to my customers, they call me up early in the morning and book an appointment with me and I reach their homes with my working paraphernalia. I enjoy what I do and do it whole heartedly, there are homes I have been going to for so many years and so I guess they like me over others.


Connect gk2: What do you like about working in GK2?

RR: It’s the warmth that people have shared with me. I feel lucky to be working here. Despite families living in this posh colony, they call me and respect what I do. That inspires me to do better and thank god I have loyal clientèle and do not have to sit idle at all.


Inspiration can strike anywhere, it does not necessarily come in small or large packets. It is really heartwarming that he has been living his life with dignity and a big smile to go with it. Psst, he has also been written about in Hindustan Times, South Delhi edition and proudly carries the cutting in his bag.

You can call him up at 8800323140.

connectgk2People of GK2- Ravi Rathore

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