Purrfect 360 Toning Session is now at Cocoona GK2

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Get festive fit with Cocoona’s new Purrfect 360 Toning sessions. This is a safe and non-invasive way of losing inches, toning up and improving overall wellness and health.

We spoke with Cocoona’s Dr Reema about Purrfect 360, and this is what she said:

Q: What are the problem areas on our body and why does it get more difficult to lose weight?
Dr Reema: As women, we have several physical and cyclic changes in our body as we fulfil the various biological and social roles like children, marriage, menopause. The body shape and skin laxity increases. The metabolism slows down causing all these problems.

Q: What is lymphatic drainage?
Dr Reema: The lymphatic system helps to drain toxins and waste from our body. Sluggish lymphatic is a major cause of swelling and tiredness in the body.

Q: What is a lymphatic massage?
Dr Reema: It is a slow rhythmic massage done from age-old times by the ‘massage wali’ at homepost-pregnancyy to help relieve sore muscles and get one back in shape.

Q: What is perfect 360 therapy at the clinic?
Dr Reema: This is a machine based treatment which improves our lymphatic drainage and helps in
1. Reduction of cellulite or orange peel appearance
2. Interrupt the accumulation of cellulite
3. Reduces limb swelling
4. Shape legs, arms, buttock and belly
5. Relieves leg pain, ache
6. Inch loss
7. As a byproduct weight loss

Q: How long is one session?
Dr Reema: 40 mins it’s like relaxation on feels very energetic and light after the treatment.

Q: How many sessions are recommended?
Dr Reema: Usually 10-12 sessions and on alt days or 2 days a week. A maintenance of 1-2 sessions a month is very helpful.

Q: What is the aim of the treatment?
Dr Reema: It’s a wellness treatment which helps us improve lymphatic drainage and metabolic rate which improves our skin, hair and appearance of body.

To Know more about Purrfect 360, Call  +91 9910223460 / 1160
Or Visit: https://www.cocoona.in/

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connectgk2Purrfect 360 Toning Session is now at Cocoona GK2

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