Ravan Factory in Delhi

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Once Rakshabandhan is over, a small village in West Delhi turns into a Ravana factory. If you happen to be in this side of town, do try and visit Titarpur, where effigies of Ravana are made by the thousands for two months leading up to Dussehra. This is a sight you will never, ever forget! From here, Ravanas are transported to locations all over the country. One of our ConnectColony researchers recently visited Titarpur and this is what she had to say:

“In the west of Delhi, a colony called Titarpur, is the Ravana colony. As this is the only place where most of the artisans who are crafting these effigies are based. A couple of days back my drive through the place on the main road turned out to be an exciting journey, spotting the bellies of the yet unstuffed Ravanas, Kumbhakarans and Meghnaths. They were all over the place on the roof tops, either sides of the road even on the central verge. The Ravanas from here are supplied all over India and even exported. The twirl of the moustache, the glint in the eyes, and the smirk on the face of the effigies was really not to be missed. Dusshera is a time for celebration for all these Ravanwallahs who are engaged in making these effigies, procuring bamboo sticks and other raw material starting from july onwards. And as this is a seasonal event the ravanwallahs are usually involved in something or the other the rest of the year to keep their income coming. However, this is the time when the entire families and even friends are engaged in the making and decorating of the effigies. The rush and the continuous buzz of activity in this colony is unmissable and a delight to watch. These effigies will go up in the flames on Dusshera and we will all be cheering and jeering at the demon king. And this will also be the time when these craftspersons will heave a collective sigh of well…. a sigh tinged with elation and that little regret of seeing their art go up in flames in a matter of moments. But well another dusshera, another day, and another hope isn’t that what we all live for and look forward to.”

connectgk2Ravan Factory in Delhi

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