Sidecar GK2, the perfect place to chill this winter with cozy comfort food!

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Having spent many a languorous noon at SideCar GK2, with their amazing aromatic coffee, and being totally smitten with the ambience, we chose to entertain some friends here. And to say that it was one of the best decisions is to state the obvious. Happy guests and a relaxed happy host with attentive service, polite staff, great ambience and an unhurried Sunday brunch. Aah, what more can one ask for?

Eight of us we actually started with some signature beverages that are on the menu and shaken or stirred by a celebrity award winner mixologist Yangdup Lama. We ordered for some Velvet Spice, Sidecar Fizz and Orange County Coffee. What we loved about the drinks were that they had just the right amount of sugar and spice and did not leave us feeling full or give us a heady sugary rush.

I would say the best thing about eating with a group of friends with veg and non-veg preference is that we get to taste many dishes and a whole lot of variety and that’s what we did. And while our veg friends were loving their share of Vietnamese delicately done salad rolls, we dug into done to perfection Chicken and Orange Salad bursting with a citrusy tang. For those of us (which is actually most of us) avoiding too many carbs, there was Grilled Red Snapper and the gorgeous ‘No Bun Burger‘, which was actually chicken breast topped with a fried egg and layered with bacon and cheese. Another portion that was done right and which most restaurants can’t really do was Lamb Rendang. The lamb was succulent and melted in the mouth, just like it’s meant to be. The surprise deal was Pulled Jackfruit Tostada. Jackfruit never tasted so good! Chilli Miso Prawn was one dish that we didn’t want to share with anyone, and glad we didn’t.

Like they say and for us with a sweet tooth, a meal isn’t complete without our dessert and the Doughnut Toast not only sounded yummy but was irresistible. Some of us had a shot at the best of both the worlds with Affogato, a kick of caffeine and ice cream.

SideCar you rocked it! Thanks for making our brunch a memorable one. We can’t wait to get back soon !!









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connectgk2Sidecar GK2, the perfect place to chill this winter with cozy comfort food!

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