Soul Food for the Winter!

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Comforting and delicious! The Meal Bowls at Kylin Experience are perfect wholesome meals for chilly wintry afternoons and evenings.

We received this review from a GK2 Resident and couldn’t help but try them as well.

Thank You Connectgk2 for recommending Kylin Experience. I visited the restaurant for a kitty lunch and thoroughly enjoyed every single bite of my meal. 

We ordered their healthy, organic Quinoa salad as a starter and their signature meal bowls as the main course. The Quinoa salad bowl had an abundance of ingredients – Avocados, sundried tomatoes, spinach and more. The dressing was generously poured on the salad right in front of us and we tucked in immediately. The salad was sweet, tangy and spicy, all in one go. With such a variety of ingredients, every bite felt different. It was just enough to tantalise our taste buds and make us want more.

Next came Kylin’s Signature Meal Bowls. We had ordered the Dan Dan Noodles and the vegetarian option of the Bibi Bop Bowl. These steaming bowls of deliciousness are packed with flavour and take comfort food to a whole new level. Each of Kylin’s bowls can be customised with chicken, lamb or vegetables. The Dan Dan Noodles is a bed of egg noodles topped with spicy chicken mince and vegetables, including my favourite – Bokchoy. Wholesome, spicy and lip smacking good.

The Bibi Bop Bowl in its vegetarian avatar was quite a surprise. Although I am not a fan of Tofu, this Korean dish is a delicious amalgamation of rice, vegetables, tofu and a spicy sauce drizzled on top. The portions are very generous and needless to say we had no more space for desserts.

Kylin’s ambience is casual and its seating is comfortable. We found the décor inviting and the service very prompt. All in all, our hearty lunch was worth every Rupee spent and we will be back soon for more.”

We at Connectgk2 also found out that Kylin Experience in GK1 has a healthy, organic and gluten-free menu. They use fresh farm Asian greens, free range happy chickens and ingredients that are healthy, which is why their dishes all taste delicious.

For reservations call 9811459546 / 01149028340. Visit Kylin Experience at N-6, GK1 N Block Market.

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connectgk2Soul Food for the Winter!

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