Terrace Gardening – Here’s what to sow this Feb & March

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The red juicy sweet little berry that leaves you craving for more. The heart shaped fruit with seeds on the outside, yes the Strawberries. Did you know this exotic fruit is actually pretty easy to grow, making you look like a gardening diva. Available at Yogi Nursery, it is one permanent plant that doesn’t need too much tender care. When you get the baby plant home just transfer it into a bigger pot and watch it grow and multiply adding color to your green patch and giving you the immense satisfaction of growing and eating organic self produced strawberries. 


Best time to plant all kind of Lily bulbs.It should be sown in the soil in such a way that a very little part is seen out of the soil. Two bulbs are enough in a 24 inch pot. Spray little water every day and within two weeks they will grow and in 20 days you can enjoy the lilies. Simple isn’t it?


It is Cucumber time in ‪#‎GK2‬. Sow one seed in one pot and another in the other and this creeper bearing cucumber will get enough space to spread without messing your gardens. When this starts flowering, it is important to light an agarbatti under the plant as shown in the diagram. This will keep the pesky insects away and you will get a nice ripe juicy organic cucumbers.


It is the perfect time to sow Tomatoes in your patch of lawn or in the pots.You could buy the seeds or saplings or simply cut an over ripe tomato into soil. If sowing seeds or growing sapplings from over ripe tomato, kindly transfer sapplings to another pot for it to bear fruit. The sapplings from over ripe tomato will grow in 7-10 days. Put cowdung khaad or vermi khaad to get your own home grown organic tomatoes.Tip to GreenGK2 – Khaad available at Chirag Delhi Nursery. If you have your own sack, take it with you . Fill it and get it. You can get one sack a month and keep your garden very very green.

connectgk2Terrace Gardening – Here’s what to sow this Feb & March

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