The Art of Giving by Anubha Bellani

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Actually, most of us eulogise giving, isn’t it? there are oft read quotes on “rather give than receive”. And to me, it is a false sense that we harbour. In nature or the universe or whatever you would love to call it, it is a balance. We are both receivers and givers and I say do both with elan and grace.

There is no giver if there are no takers, right? However, when we say giving, what popularly comes to mind is giving to charity. Though we give off many things including our services, products, vibes and blessings. For this post, however, allow me to talk about the “art” of giving to charity, for a noble cause or to the less privileged. Having been a space volunteer with Goonj for last decade or so, one thing that I have realized it that giving gracefully is an art. So here are some 9 things that I will list:

  1. You give because you have, remember! So be grateful that you “have” what others don’t. share with gratitude, bless your having.
  2. Do not give with a sense of entitlement or with judgements. Your vibe speaks louder than your words.
  3. Give only those things that are useable, your trash goes in the bin. I have received soiled undergarments and expired medicines.
  4. You are giving to a human. Maintain that dignity.
  5. Pack your washed clothes, don’t expect that volunteers will wash your dirty linen.
  6. Volunteers volunteer because they love to not because they have to. Treat volunteers with respect. I have had people come and shout at me at the door. I have had people come over and simply dump their “not wants” in front of my door, when I have been away, I mean really!
  7. Call before you go to drop your material. Respect that volunteers have their lives to live too and aren’t available at your whim
  8. Give with love, humility and gratitude
  9. Remember that when you give, you receive…yes there is no unconditional giving. You get satisfaction, joy, and blessings of those who have received it. that is why I think its called “joy” of giving.
connectgk2The Art of Giving by Anubha Bellani

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