There’s a Rumble In The Jungle and you’re invited to see!

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Calling all Little Ones!

MMI GK2 is organising a super fun event this Saturday, 3rd February 2018 (10am to 12 noon) for all children and it’s not to be missed. Come and be a part of all the ‘Mowgli fun’ in the jungle with all your friends at MMI School.

Imbibing the Montessori philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, there will be activities to help instil qualities of sharing, caring and empathy in small children.

There will be theme games, activities, puppet show and a goodie bag too.

To confirm your child’s presence, you will need to fill the Registration form below. Do bring your child’s friend along too (one adult can accompany the friend).

This will be a fun and great learning experience for your child.

Connectgk2 Tip: Kindly park your vehicles along the W block park / M block market and walk to the school as the vehicles will not be allowed to be parked outside the school.


Click here for the Registration form:

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connectgk2There’s a Rumble In The Jungle and you’re invited to see!

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