What’s Up GK2?

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Here is a round up of some new developments that have taken place in our markets in and around GK2:

  1. New shops have cropped up on the main road opposite Savitri Cinema Complex. Welcome to GK2 – Healthkart, Pet Wisdom Clinic and BlueDart & DHL.
  2. Godrej Nature’s Basket, we hear, will be pulling down their shutters once and for all in GK2’s Main M-Block Market. They have many offers and deals on at the moment. Read more about it here
  3. Yogurt Bay Waffle Bay has sadly closed their outlet in M-Block Market, GK2. We will miss them and their delicious frozen yogurts and waffle sticks.
  4. Elite Salon has closed in Gk2’s M-Block Market GK2.

Stay Connected to Connectgk2  for more such new developments in GK2. If you notice anything new, you can email about it to us at connectgk2@gmail.com

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connectgk2What’s Up GK2?

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